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Michele Rousseau - Psychotherapist - Sydney Inner West

Michele Rousseau is a registered clinician offering psychotherapy, somatic psychotherapy, counselling, contemporary psychoanalysis and supervision. She practices in Sydney’s Inner West.

Change is not something we do. Change arises out of a deeper experience of ourselves. Psychotherapy offers a space where therapist and client can understand what it is to be struggling with the sorts of issues you have not been able to resolve by yourself. Psychotherapy does not offer a quick fix. You may have already tried other types of therapy and found that while there may have been some relief, there has not been a sense of enduring change. To alter patterns of behaviour you have developed over the course of your lifespan we need time and space to build new capacities to face what we fear and use our emotions to enable us to make new choices.

Michele offers a space where you can learn to resolve issues in a way that fosters curiosity and compassion, where it is possible to learn to be responsive rather than reactive, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges in more creative ways.

Michele is also experienced in conducting online sessions with clients, and can recommend the most suitable platform, and inform you of the suitability of online psychotherapy or supervision. 

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