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Online Psychotherapy and Supervision

In some circumstances, voice or video online therapy might be an option for your psychotherapy. This might be video therapy via Skype or Zoom, or voice sessions.

Internet therapy, or eTherapy, can be a solution to continuing psychotherapy or supervision sessions for people who live in remote areas, are incapacitated, or under the present situation where travel might be restricted.

The recent improvement in communication platforms such as Skype or Zoom means that online therapy can be an effective way of conducting psychotherapy or supervision sessions, either short term or longer term.

The technologies have become much simpler to use, and can allow for a greater flexibility than traditional face to face psychotherapy or supervision.

The nature of the psychotherapeutic relationship still requires sessions to be conducted at a regular time.

Michele is experienced in conducting online sessions with clients, and can recommend the most suitable platform, and inform you of the suitability of online psychotherapy.

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